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A team of specialists focusing on the production of self-designed technical foam generators, which draws on more than 20 years of own experience in the field of industrial production and use of foam concrete.

What do we deliver?

Production know-how for the proven method of foam concrete production:

Concrete plant --> Automix --> Construction

including the design and testing of user recipes
for foam concrete 300 - 900 kg/m3


A light building material characterized by a high air content per unit volume, which can reach more than 80% of the volume of solid particles.

It consists mainly of cement, fine admixtures, water, technical foam and aggregate. Depending on the volumetric weight, the proportions of the individual components also differ.

The strengths depend mainly on the bulk weight, but they are also affected by the proportions of the components within one bulk weight.

Foam concrete produced according to the procedures of iwtech europe, s.r.o. is produced at a concrete plant and the finished mixture is imported to the construction site in exactly the same way as in the case of classic concrete.

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